Say No to Makeup Remover Wipes!

As we all know, different skincare products and routines work for different people. But there are some must-follow rules when it comes to skincare, and the one product on your shelf that you definitely should say goodbye to, is makeup remover wipes! And as an advocate for all-natural organic skincare, we are here to tell you why. Not only are these wipes actually horrible for your skin, but they are also greatly harmful to the environment.


First of all, let’s talk about your skin. Many people mistake makeup wipes as a substitute for actual cleansing, which is a huge mistake! These wipes are formulated to break down makeup, NOT cleanse your skin. Your face might look makeup free, but a ton of residue are actually left behind. The preservatives in the wipes can also stay on your skin as residue, and all that gunk left on your skin may lead to irritation, inflammation, and even encourage breaking out!


Most makeup wipes have a texture harsh enough to be considered an exfoliant. While exfoliating is an important part of skincare, you do not want to over-exfoliate! The delicate tissues of your skin would not be able to withstand the scrubbing, and it would cause micro tears which promotes skin pigmentation and wrinkling, hastening your skin aging process. Not to mention that over-exfoliating would strip away your skin’s natural protective layer, the acid mantle, and make it easier for pollutants to enter. What’s more, since the skin tissue around your eye is very sensitive, do not remove your eye makeup with those wipes!


Lastly, the pressing concerns regarding the environment. Makeup wipes are not bio-degradable, meaning it would take hundreds, if not thousands, of years for a single wipe to fully decompose on its own. With the amount of trash that is already piled up on our planet, and the tons that are still being produced every day, adding to that pile with countless makeup wipes would just prolong the decomposition process and make things worse.


In short, makeup wipes are simply no good for your skin and the Earth. Do us all a favor, and dump those wipes!


Now then, with makeup remover wipes out of the picture, we can talk an infinitely better way to properly remove makeup and cleanse your face: DOUBLE CLEANSING. This right here is the most effective method to cleanse your makeup without compromising your skin. Go for an oil-based cleanser to start, rinse and massage your face with warm water, then finish with a regular cleanser. This way, you are ensuring all the makeup and dirt on your face gets thoroughly rinsed off, and it will keep your skin healthy and glowing. Our personal favorite to use is a vegan & cruelty-free makeup remover balm from a Korean skincare brand called Then I Met You. Make sure to check out our blog and video about my favorite vegan & cruelty-free skincare products, too!



In a pinch, makeup remover wipes may be useful, but do not try to use them daily! Though it might seem like a lot of hassle, as much as possible, do not choose convenience over quality. Trust us, your skin would thank you for it, and you would be doing good for the planet. It’s a win-win!


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