The Bath Rawyalties

We all have our unique routines in life. Some seasons its a shower every day kinda time, others it’s an every other. Some shower at night others in the morning. Some can take an hour, others can take five minutes. This list describes the different kinds of characteristics we could have as shower or bath takers with their appropriate recommended products!

Which Rawyalty are you?




Shower Speedster - I think of my husband when describing the Shower Speedster. It usually takes them a couple minutes, never more than 20 in the shower. All they need is warm water, soap, shampoo and conditioner.. possibly a loofah and they’re done.



Shower Lounger - The Shower Lounger takes her time in her warm shower using soap, a variety of scrubs, shampoo and conditioner. Spends 20 minutes to an hour in the shower and probably enjoys taking care of her face, too. May we also recommend a Konjac sponge, a tiny gentle loofah for your face?





Bath Newbie - The name says it all. This Rawyalty knows about the OG sphere bath bombs and uses them every now and then. That’s it.




Bath Explorer - The Explorer is someone who has been using the popular sphere bath bombs for a while now, and has now expanded their repertoire of bath treats including cupcake bath bombs, bubble bars, bath truffles and salt scrubs. They take way more baths than the newbie and truly enjoy bath time like a hobby.



Bath Aficionado - The expert of all bath time. We might as well call you the bath queen or king! Baths are a must for you and has become part of your lifestyle. You may even have social media dedicated to bath bombs. You’ve used the sphere bath bombs, have tried all shapes and sizes, enjoy adding bubble bars, bath truffles, salt scrubs and also enjoy bath salt soaks while lounging in the tub with your hair mask and possibly a face mask on!

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