About Raw

“It is my goal for Raw ByRoque to share may faith and values of being kind and loving to those around us, while also living a cleaner joy-filled life with integrity.”

Raw ByRoque was established in 2015 in Cebu City, Philippines by its owner Mikka Roque-Jacobson.

“Raw as a body essential brand was birthed because as a vegan, I did not have any a lot of fun cruelty-free plant-based options where I lived. Instead of paying an arm & a leg for these items to be shipped to our island, I decided to make the products myself and because I love the joy decadent baked goods bring, it became the central theme of my products. I love doughnuts but know that even eating vegan version of it wouldn’t be so smart. So, I created a way I could have endless pastries by making body products!

In 2017, I moved to the US to start a new life with my now husband Bob (the inspiration behind the Bob’s Your Uncle scent”). It was an emotional and a rollercoaster of a journey that took me three years to realize how important Raw ByRoque was and is to me, beyond the products. So in 2020, right in the middle of this historical pandemic, I re-opened my business in Volo, Illinois with the loving support of my husband. I first launched by selling through Etsy, then opened a 60 sq. foot space in two Painted Tree Marketplace locations in Naperville and Kildeer.

Starting from scratch, not having any equipment, ingredients, suppliers and contacts has stretched my limits, my imagination and my faith even more.

I now see why the United States is called the Land of Opportunities. The sky is the limit for this baby of mine, and I’ve started by using even higher quality of ingredients than I did when I first started Raw. Not only are our ingredients vegan, they are now sulfate, paraben and phthalate-free, with our two main ingredients being Fair Trade certified and majority of them Organic.

It is my goal that with each product, you experience all the love I’ve put into making it, as well as learn the importance of the quality of the things you use. As cute and deliciously soothing as my products appear, I truly believe in the importance of ethical practices and sustainability efforts even behind the scenes too. This is why it is so important that our main ingredients are Fair Trade Organic. This ensures that our ingredients are pure & chemical-free, produced without the use of chemicals, pesticides, or other artificial agents. It is your assurance that farmers receive fair wages for the butters, regardless of the world market price.

It is my dream to grow Raw into the kind of business that can give the kind of love God gives us to those around us, and I am always on the look out to partner up with local non-profit organizations (contact us for collaboration opportunities).

One of the reasons that started my switch to a vegan lifestyle was the inhumane treatment on animals. Right now, we do a Raw for Paw campaign, donating 25% of the proceeds of selected products and a $1 for other to Happy Tails Animal Welfare Organization, Philippines, a non-profit dog rescue.


We don’t strive for perfection but we do the best we can to live in faith, hope and LOVE.


Raw ByRoque is for everyone, not just vegans. It is for anyone who wants to give cruelty-free a try, live a bit cleaner, feel a bit better and care for themselves to better serve others a whole lot more.




Back Back Story of Raw

 It was back in November 2009 when I first started selling online. I was 16 when I decided I wanted to share my love for fashion by selling my pre-loved clothes to my friends and the online world.

Soon after in February 2010, I took used clothes to the next level, by buying cool vintage pieces and redesigning them with a pop-punk flare with the help of our family seamstress. Imagine a long 40’s lantern-sleeved ankle-length dress, turned into a mini dress above the knees with puffy tulle underneath.

R.A.W. By Roque was then birthed, which stood for “Rock and Wear”. With the help of my girlfriends, we got to doing our first photoshoot for the clothes and quickly sold out within the first couple of months. I needed to think of quicker ways to obtain stock and keep selling. This is when I started selling clothes imported from Korea and other Asian countries to to make up the line of clothes I was selling.

Honestly, I have been selling things ever since I was a little girl. At family fairs, I would make dolls out of new Fruit of the Loom socks that my grandma (who lived in the US) would send me. I made cool shaped crayons out of old ones.. and sell them. Bracelets, accessories, pen parts, and even managed to have a mini delivery system with a bunch of friends in the fourth grade, Bitoy Express it was called (shout out to my “Bitoy” who is still a close girlfriend till this day!)

 So yes, the life of Raw ByRoque, was never s straight path. But looking back on all these years, I see how God been with me throughout the winding roads I’ve chosen and how all those life experiences have equipped me with just what I need for this fresh start pursuing my dream… a dream that was always with me.. a dream I took for granted.. and now a dream that has become my reality.


So if you are still here, reading this special About Us page, I encourage you, whatever it is that sets a fire in your soul, go after it, believe in God because He is real, and together with Him you can move mountains to live the calling He has set out for you.


Peace, love & donuts,

Mikka Roque-Jacobson