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Happy Tails for A Happy Life


According to the Humane Society of the United States, for the nearly 70 million stray dogs around, only about 8 million get adopted in homeless shelters.

Despite that, there are numerous ways you can support displaced animals to live a more dignified life. Adopting fur buddies and promoting the #adoptdontshop hashtag to the mainstream can be a good start, for instance.


But we all know taking care of a dog is a big decision. As much as we may love our cuddly friends, we can’t bring them all home. So if you want to support abandoned and displaced dogs through other means, stick around! Let’s explore ways to support these pets.


What Is A Charity That Helps Neglected Dogs?


One charity that has a heart for supporting stray animals is Happy Tails.

Happy Tails is a Philippine-based animal welfare organization that envisions a community that honors the special relationship between humans and animals.


Happy Tails’ mission is to provide freedom to stray and neglected animals. They lay out their foundation through five core ways:


  • Freedom from Hunger and Thirst
  • Freedom from Discomfort
  • Freedom from Pain, Injury, and Disease
  • Freedom to Express Normal Behavior
  • Freedom from Fear and Distress


Through this mission, this newly-established charity has already left large imprints of influence in the local community. This includes cooperating with the Cebu City pound and running their own rescue vehicle.


How Can I Help Save Stray Dogs?

Our US-based vegan skincare business Raw byRoque partnered up with Happy Tails Animal Welfare to lend these dogs a helping hand. With cruelty-free and vegan-based offerings the staples of our business, supporting this life-enriching mission is absolutely dear to us.


That’s why we have come up with the initiative below:


Here’s how to help. Every time you order our homemade lip scrub or artisan dog soap -  one dollar ($1.00) of the proceedings go to Happy Tails.

There’s more ways to help. 25% of the proceeds of each purchase of our premium tinted lip butters also go to Happy Tails.


By buying even just one item, you will help fund enough to give a dog a day’s worth of food and water. Every dollar counts.



📢 We Are Open For Collaborations with NGOs!


READ THIS: If you are a US-based non-profit organization that wants to support these displaced dogs, we want to partner with YOU!


If you are an international NGO that also sees the value for this cause, we also want YOU!


In RawByRoque, we fully believe that our heart isn’t limited to the storefront. That is why we are actively looking for partners and collaborators to support our ongoing fundraising campaign: Raw for Paw. 


The campaign’s goal is to uplift the lives of stray and unwanted animals scattered around the urban streets of the Philippines. By partnering with us, we can also bring attention to your NGO’s cause and include it in our promotional materials - all for free!


Let’s give our precious fur buddies a life they deserve, one paw at a time.


Are you ready to give these dogs a better home? Let’s collaborate! Shoot me an email at