Meet the Maker


Meet Mikka Jacobson


Hello, everybody!

My name is Mikka, a new mom, fur mom of two rescue pups, a wife, lover of Jesus and owner of Raw byRoque.

It is my goal for Raw to share my faith and values of love and compassion to those around me, while also encouraging living a cleaner joy-filled life. That with each product, you experience all the love I’ve put into making it, and are reminded that the quality of the things you use is important, especially in the long-run.

It is my dream to grow Raw into the kind of business that my children would love to be a part of and that shares more of God's love to those around us.


Raw byRoque was first established in 2015 in Cebu City, Philippines.

In 2017, I moved to the US to start a new life with my husband, leaving at the peak of my business and leaving everything behind. It was a rollercoaster of a journey that took me three years to realize that Raw was more than just a business to me, but a space where I could express the fullest version of myself. 

So in 2020, I re-opened my business in Illinois by first launching through Etsy. Then, I had a 6 month contract leasing a small space in two Painted Tree Marketplace locations in Naperville and Kildeer, Illinois. Now that we are preparing to have our first baby, I am focussing on the online market with the hopes of joining local markets in the upcoming years!


With a dad as an artist and art professor and my mom as a business owner, I have been surrounded by this my whole life but never gave myself credit for the passions that were instilled in me. It took losing it all and being put in a space (aka a new country) where I got to chase after other passions and even start a family, to understand what I really want to do with the life I was given. 

So, as much as this is a shop where I sell my handmade soaps, it truly is my honor to share this space of all my combined interests and passions with you: from vegan, natural & organic ingredients, my love for aesthetic designs & running a small business to even my lifestyle YouTube channel & blogs about Faith, Family & Fun.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy it all!



Peace, love & donuts,

Mikka Roque-Jacobson